Welcome to Santa Rosa Day School




Welcome back to school year 2011-2012 at Santa Rosa DAY School!  Yes, with the closing of the Dormitory at the end of last school year, we have a new name. 

We are looking forward to an exciting year.  As most of you know, the teachers put in many hours of training in reading last year.  This year we are looking at incorporating improved reading strategies with Data Analysis and more intensive team planning to improve reading, not only in individual classrooms, but across the school environment as a whole.  A happy beginning of the school year – Data Analysis done last week, comparing AIMS scores from last year to the year before, shows that our students are definitely making progress in reading.

Sadly, Mr. Barajas is not beginning the school year at SRDS, although the school, students, and staff are ever-present in his thoughts.  Mr. Barajas was detailed to TOHS until the new principal there can come on board.  We hope it will be a short detail and that he will be back with us soon!

A few students have come to school without completed registration packets.  Please be aware that those students are NOT considered registered and will NOT be allowed to continue attending, until registration packets are completed and turned in.

Backpacks – We are sorry to announce that we do NOT, yet, have the mesh backpacks this year to pass out to all students.  We recognize that it may be difficult for all students to get clear or mesh backpacks for immediate use.  However, we encourage parents to stay away from red or blue backpacks.  We do not know, at this time, when we will be able to have the mesh backpacks.

With the increased heat of summer, of course there have been some cooling glitches.  We are working to try to keep students as cool as possible.  Please note that there has been a slight change in class schedules – elementary students now go to the playground when they get off the bus, prior to breakfast, rather than to the classrooms.  It is suggested that students bring a water bottle, with water in it, during the hot weather. As we look forward to the start of a great school year, please be sure that students are well-rested and present each school day.   THANK YOU


Ms. Campbell, Acting Principal